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"Gun Control is being able to hit what you aim at"

Firearms Training Pluss was started in San Antonio, TX in 1997 by Samuel "Hoot" Gibson. Gary "Gunner" and Roberta "Bird" Farris took over September 1, 2013. Gary originally is from Amarillo, Texas. He also has lived in Lubbock TX, Las Vegas NV, El Paso TX, Phoenix AZ, and Rochester NY. After finishing High school in 1978, he joined the military and started his service with the United States Navy. He first served on board the USS Worden CG-18 and this where he earned the right to be called a "Navy Gunner". Subsequently he pre-commissioned  the USS John A Moore FFG-19 (home ported in Long Beach CA), and then onboard the USS Gemini PHM-6 (home ported in Key West FL), USS Carr FFG-52 home ported in Charleston SC), and USS Simpson FFG-56 (home ported in Norfolk VA), where he retired in 1996. It was during his tour in Key West FL he met and married "Bird". They are proud parents of two kids, and also have three grandkids!

During the last 10 years of service he was a Certified Shipboard Small Arms Instructor and Range Master, instructing many on the fine art of safely handling and shooting small arms. "Gunner" is now also Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, as well as being Certified by the Texas DPS to teach the Texas License to Carry a Hand Gun Course. Both "Gunner" and "Bird have maintained a residence in San Antonio area since 1986.

Gunner is a Life Time member of the Fleet Reserve Association, and a Bronze Legacy Life Member of the Veterans of Foriegn Wars