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Here's What they are saying about our class:

12/12/20125  "Great Class with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor! Would Definitely recommend to others."

12/12/2015  "Enjoyed the class!! Great Husband and Wife experience."

12/12/2015  "Very informative with real life examples" - Stephanie M.

12/12/2015 "Because this was my first time handling a gun, I was very nervous and unsure as I came to the class. The Instructor was first of all very professional; but most importantly, very patient and informative. His way of conducting the class helped put me at ease, which also gave me more confidence at the firing range. Overall I had a great experience, and will definitely be recommending others for this class" - Nehemias M.

1/09/2016 "Exceptional Class. Informative & to the point. As a 20 year veteran of Law Enforcement Office I recommend the instructor and the class" - Robert L.

1/09/2016 "Gunner was an excellent Instructor. He kept us very involved in his presentation. I feel he was extremely knowledgeable about the course, and he was abe to answer all our questions. I feel ready to proceed with my CHL after his course" - Natasha F.

1/09/2016 This was our second time taking the full course, and we still were able to take away new and updated information thanks to Gunner. We will be recommending this course to others" -  Jamie B.

1/09/2016 "Great Class. As a person with test anxiety and a person who panics under time restraints, I can honestly say the was a great instructor & course. Instructor was very reliable & friendly. Highly Recommended" - Ashley C.

2/27/2016 "Gunner is a great Instructor, learned a lot under his guidance"

2/27/2016 "As a former City of Ft Worth Peace Officer, and a concealed license holder in Florida, I have had a good amount of handgun training both legal and practical. This class instructor provided a good balance. I thank you for your service as a instructor" J.L.

1/14/2017 "Excellent Class! I felt very comfortable from start to finish with every aspect of the class. Thank You Gunner!!" L.E.

1/14/2017 "Loved the training class. I was very comfortable w/what was being taught and I did not feel out of place. Thanks!" LieAnn O.

1/14/2017 "This was an awesome course! I'm signing my Wife & Son up ASAP! Great Instruction" Ralph C.

1/14/2017 "Great class. Well prepared presentation. Knowledgeable Instructor - would recommend to others." J.P.

1/14/2017 "Great experience, I think that all the info presented was useful. I think the time was good and not a lot of time wasted on "bunny trails" as happens with many instructors."

9/92017 "The LTC Course w/Gunner was top notch. He hosted his first "Ladies Only" Course and I feel it was a great success!! The presentation was fast-paced but we learned the essentials & I was confident. Thank You!"  LM

9/9/2017  "I was nervous at  first but the instructor made class easier and comfortable" DS

9/9/2017 "Great Instructor  - Thorough  - Great Presentation  - Fun to work with, Course was fun and & Interesting"  Unknown

Unknown "Gunner did a great job, was well spoken, kept the engaged, and focused on personal responsibility and safety" Jimmy V

Unknown "GREAT CLASS! You went over everything in an understandable and easy to learn way. I will definitely recommend you!" Marty J

12/22/2018 ​"Mr. Farris. I wanted to thank you again for the class this morning. I really appreciated you being willing to hold a class for just two people, an being able to give my wife focused attention. Your patience and demeanor were perfect for her skill level and made her really feel comfortable in what could have been a stressful environment. I will definately recommend you for other first time shooters and for the license to carry class" Jesus G. 

2019 "Great training w/Gunner, Great time on the Range, Definitely would recommend." JCJ

2019 "Being a person who had no experience it truly helped me come to an intro class 2 weeks ago. It helped calm nerves and really understand the functions/safety of a gun. Fro me it was great then to follow with the HCL Class" Alejandra G

2019 "Very good presentation! I'll surely recommend this class and instructor to others" Ashli G

2019 "Awesome instructor and is very caring & patient with students" Molly

8/17/2019 "I would come here again if I were to ever need further training. Instructor very friendly and respectful" JS

2019 "Great to be able to learn from such a pro! Appreiciate the ability to learn one on one :)" Johanna B

2019 "Thanks for the wonderful training! Your class is awesome and very educational. Truly enjoyed it." Susan L