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Groupon Handgun Training

It is a 2-4 hour course covers:

1.  Knowing your handgun (both Semi-Auto and Revolvers)
2. How to Clean and Maintain your Handgun
3. Basic Marksmanship
4. Range Safety and Etiquette
5. Firing the handgun for the first time

1. Handgun with 2 magazines and 200rds of Ammo (Gun and ammo available for rental)
2. Hearing and Eye protection (Provided if you don't have and Eye Glasses are acceptable)

1. Seasonal attire
2. Hat
3. Drinks and snacks

We will gladly teach anyone under the age of 21with an adult present.

 Scheduling of the class is based upon your schedule as long as it doesn't interfere with FTP's currently scheduled classes of either the NRA Phase 2 training or LTC/CHL Classes which are normally scheduled for the 2nd and 4th weekend of the month.