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In Choosing Firearms Training Pluss we can provide you the training and services required to receive your Texas Concealed Handgun License. We Promise your experience with us will be rewarding. By preregistering for the class you will receive a discount from the regular tuition. See Table below for FTP's tuition fees. All tuitions are NON_REFUNDABLE! Your tuition fee does not include the required state fee or electronic fingerprinting fee! Once enrolled you will receive a registration form and a check list either through email or "snail mail", to ensure you have everything provided to get your CHL License. To begin your process of getting the license, we request you go online to the TXDPS website. Once the application is completed, the state's website will prompt you to follow the links for getting your electronic fingerprinting done through Morpho Trust IdentoGO (Go to book an appointment)

Classroom instruction is being held at Blackhawk Shooting Range 12135 Jarret Rd., Atascosa, TX., in a trailer adjacent to the main office, and are on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month, they were the 2nd and 4th but changed May 2018. Starting time is 9:30, and class size is limited, so go to the Contact us Tab to start your registration for the class.

Classes are in two parts both taught on the same day and will teach the State Required Subjects (Ref TX GC 411.185):

Part one (4-6 hours required in the classroom):

     - Laws Related to weapons and use of force

     - Handgun use and Safety

     - Non-Violent Dispute Resolution

     - Proper Storage with an emphasis on eliminating injury to a child

Part Two (No Specified Time):

     - Range Instruction

    - Actual Demonstration of the ability to safely and proficiently use a handgun (Range Firing)

"Gun control is being able to hit what you aim at"

LTC/CHL Class and Pricing

Registration Fee day of Training and Private Classes
Pre-Registration Fee
 Veteran Discount (Includes Spouse)/Educators/First Responders
Active Duty
Group Rate 5 or more during scheduled class


Use Of FTP Gun with Ammo