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Online Classroom

Recently the Texas Legislature authorized anyone desiring to get their License to Carry the ability to do the Classroom portion online.  So we have partnered up with and provide the opportunity to go online and complete the classroom course. You will still be required to go to the range for the handgun proficiency qualification.

Classes are in two parts both taught on the same day and will teach the State Required Subjects (Ref TX GC 411.185):

Part one:
     - Laws Related to weapons and use of force
     - Handgun use and Safety
     - Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
     - Proper Storage with an emphasis on eliminating injury to a child

Part Two:

Range proficiency is being held Blackhawk Shooting Range 12135 Jarret Rd., Atascosa, TX., in a trailer adjacent to the main office, and are on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month and is completed along with classroom attendees. Starting time is 9:30.
     - Range Instruction ) One hour
    - Actual Demonstration of the ability to safely and proficiently use a handgun (Range Firing)

After requesting the course, FTP will send an email with a registration form. After the form is filled out and returned, we will send a follow on email with the link to login and and login information to begin your online course.

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